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10 Tips for Winter Tent Camping

December 25, 2020

Are you a winter camping enthusiast? Even though winter tent camping is fun -- it can be a real nightmare if you are not well prepared for it. There are lots of things you need to consider when camping in winter. So today, we will give you around 10 tips to make your winter tent camping experience a great one.

Wear Multiple Layers


Layer for Winter Tent Camping Image


One of the best ways to stay warm and cozy when camping in winter is to wear multiple layers of clothes. It is suggested to wear at least 3 layers of clothes. For the base layer, you should wear clothes made of wool or synthetic materials. Try to avoid cotton clothes.

For the middle layer, wear a jacket or a sweater that is made of synthetic materials or wool Again, try to avoid anything that's made out of cotton. Lastly, for the outer layer, wear a coat. The job of the outer layer clothing is to protect you from wind, heavy rain, and even snow. So choose the clothing accordingly.

Insulated Sleeping pad


Sleeping Pad Lifestyle Image


One of the main reasons you feel cold during winter tent camping is because you lose your body heat to the cold ground beneath you. This is where insulated sleeping pads come in handy. Insulated sleeping pads basically insulate you from the cold surfaces beneath you and keep you warm.

There are lots of insulated sleeping pads currently in the market. However, Therm-a-rest and Nemo insulated sleeping pads are considered to be the best.

Campsite Location


Campsite Location for Winter Tent Camping Lifestyle Image


Choosing the right campsite is extremely important when you are tent camping in winter. If you choose a bad campsite then you are in for a nightmare. You should try to pick a campsite that is surrounded by trees and rocks. Good strong trees block the wind. Try not to pick a campsite that is out in the open.

Sleeping Bag


Sleeping Bag For Winter Tent Camping Lifestyle Image


When it comes to winter camping, choosing a sleeping bag that can keep you warm even in extreme cold is important. Sleeping bags have something called temperature ratings, Let's say for example -- The location you are going to camp in has a temperature of 10 degrees -- Then you select a sleeping bag with a temperature rating of at least 0 degrees.

As you already know there are tons of sleeping bag brands out there. After doing some research, we found out that Mountain Hardwear, North Face, Kelty, and Big Agnes are a few of the best brands when it comes to manufacturing sleeping bags for cold weather.

Eat a Lot of Calories & Drink Hot Water


Calories lifestyle Image


Believe it or not, Eating high-calorie foods keep you warm. So try to only take high-calorie food with you. Try to eat as often as possible and avoid having an empty belly. Staying hydrated is also important but try to avoid cold water. Take a stove with you and make hot water. There are lots of portable water heaters you can find at a very reasonable price.



Vaseline Lifestyle Image


Windburn and Frostbite are two of the most common dangers of winter camping. However, they are very easy to avoid. If you have any skin that's not covered by your clothes -- then apply vaseline to that spot. You can also apply thick oil. People have been doing this for years and it works like a charm!

Build a Campfire


Campfire Lifestyle Image


This is the most obvious one. Build a campfire and try to keep it burning for as long as possible. When starting the fire, try to use as much dry firewood as possible. If the wood is wet then it will hard to keep the campfire alive for long. Oak, Hickory, and Cedar are a few of the wood types considered to be the best for a campfire.

Use the right tent


Tent for Winter Camping Lifestyle Image


There are lots of different kinds of tents out there. Pick the tent that is designed to keep you warm even in extremely cold conditions. Also, make sure it can withstand high-speed winds. The North Face, Nemo, and Black Diamond are a few of the brands that specialize in making tents for winter camping.

Also, if you are planning an overland camping trip in winter -- then try to go for a good roof top tent. Roof top tents are way better when it comes to keeping you warm and cozy in cold weather when compared to ground tents.

Keep your electronics safe


Electronics Lifestyle Image


Electronic devices hate cold! Extreme cold can easily drain the battery and even damage the device permanently in some cases. So, make sure to store your electronic device someplace warm where the cold can't get to them.

Stay Dry


Stay Dry During Winter Tent Camping Lifestyle Image


Try to stay as dry as possible. Don't get wet in the rain and try to avoid getting a sweat. Wet clothes bring down your body temperature and hence making you feel very cold. Just to be safe, pack a couple of dry clothes. You can never tell what mother nature is planning to throw at you.

That's a wrap, folks! We discussed over 9 tips you can use to keep yourself warm and have a great winter tent camping experience. If you have any questions or thoughts then please do leave a comment below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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