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8 Best Roof Top Tents For Subaru Outback

December 29, 2020

Did you know on average over 150,000 people Subaru outback every year? Without a doubt, Subaru Outback is one of the most popular off-roading and Overlanding vehicle of this decade.

There are lots of must-have gear for overlanding with Subaru Outback and roof top tents are at the top of that list. However, Not every roof top tent is perfect for your outback. Some tents work great with your car and some don't.

That's why to help you buy the right roof top tent for your outback -- we put together this list of 8 best roof top tents for Subaru Outback. Without further due, let jump into it.

Please note that these tents are in no particular order. Look at their features, price, and pick the one that suits you the best. Also, if at any point you would like to know about the tent, just click the "Check Price" button and it will show you the complete product description.

Table of Contents

Nomadic 4 Extended Roof Top Tent For Subaru Outback


Overland Vehicle Systems Nomadic 4 Roof Top Tent Product Image


First on the list is the mighty and durable Nomadic 4 Extended Roof Top Tent by Overland Vehicle Systems. With a sleeping capacity of 4 people, Nomadic is one of the largest and most spacious tents currently on the market.

Overland Vehicle System is a brand that is known for its quality product and that stays true to this tent. The body of Nomadic is built with 600D Rip Stop Polyester Cotton Canvas Material. This material is very strong and extremely durable. It is also completely waterproof. No matter what kind of extreme weather you plan to camp in, this tent will keep you safe from it.

Heavy Rain is something that might encounter a lot during your overland journey. So to keep the water from entering inside the tent, Nomadic 4 comes with a built-in 420D Polyester Oxford Waterproof Material Rain-fly Sheet. This rainfly will make sure that the water stays out no matter how heavy the rainfall is.

Nomadic 4 comes with a 96" Tubular Ladder With Locking Strap to help you get in and out of your tent. Most outback models have a height of 66", As this ladder is completely adjustable -- It will fit your outback perfectly. Also, This tent weighs only 183 lbs and has a weight capacity of 750 lbs.

Here are some other great features of the Nomadic 4:

  • 120g Environmental Fadeless Gaze Breathable Windows & Doors
  • Includes a 3" High-Density Foam Mattress with Washable Cotton Cover
  • Includes 1 Skylight Window
  • Comes with a 4 Year Limited Warranty
  • Includes 6 built-in pockets for storing your essentials
  • Includes 2 Free Memory Foam Pillows
  • Easy Installation. Can be installed on almost any roof racks

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ARB Simpson III Roof Top Tent

ARB Simpson Roof Top Tent For Subaru Outback

Next up we have the popular ARB Simpson III Roof Top Tent. With an accommodation capacity of 3 people, ARB is one of the best affordable tents currently on the market. Manufactured with high-quality poly/cotton waterproof fabric, It is designed for all 4 seasons.

Getting a good night's sleep is very important when you are on a long Overlanding journey. That's why ARB Simpson includes a high-density 2.5-inch foam mattress. It is a very comfortable mattress that will help you sleep like a baby.

One major problem people face when camping in the wild is the insects and mosquitos. So to protect you from it, ARB Simpson features fine insect screened windows and doors.

Here are some other awesome features of the ARB Simpson:

  • Includes Anodized Aluminum Retractable Ladder
  • Weighs only 171 lbs
  • Tent material meets fire retardant requirements
  • Optional Annex available for extra space
  • Includes 1 PVC Travel Cover to keep the tent safe and secure during the journey
  • Lightweight and very easy to setup

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Yakima SkyRise Roof Top Tent


Yakima Skyrise Roof Top Tent


If you are for the lightest rooftop tent then look no further than Yakima SkyRise Roof Top Tent. Made with breathable 210D nylon, SkyRise weights at just 115 lbs and is one of the best lightweight RTT currently in the market.

Like the ARB Simpson, SkyRise also has an accommodation capacity of 3 people and comes with a thick 2.5” wall-to-wall foam mattress that quite comfortable. The mattress comes with a removable cover and hence it's very easy to clean it.

One really awesome feature of the Yakima SkyRise is its 2 skylight windows. They create a beautiful view to wake up to in the morning and If you love gazing at stars at night, then these skylight windows let you do that as well while lying on the comfy mattress. Also, all the windows and both the skylight windows come with mesh panels that zip open to improve ventilation.

Here are some other great features of the Yakima SkyRise:

  • Fits Subaru Outback Perfectly
  • Tool-free vehicle mounts make it’s easy to put on and quick to take off
  • Includes 1 Ladder to get in and out of the tent
  • 210D nylon rainfly with PU coating protects you from the element

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Pittman Outdoors Hard Shell Roof Top Tent


Pitman Outdoors Hard Shell Roof Top Tent Product Image


Next up, we have a hard shell roof top tent by Pittman Outdoors. With a durable and insulated aluminum honeycomb Base, This RTT can easily accommodate anywhere from 2-3 people.

It features a waterproof, UV protected, and wind Resistant body. Plus, it is designed to keep you safe even in extreme weather conditions. One thing that's really awesome about this tent is it's setup time. You can set this tent up in under 30 seconds all on your own.

Here are some other specs and features of this tent:

  • Includes 1 Premium Telescopic Ladder
  • Includes Rainfly
  • Includes Skyview Sunroof
  • Comes with an integrated hard shell top for maximum protection while traveling
  • Includes High-Density Non-Deforming Foam Mattress

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Eezi-Awn Stealth Hard Shell RTT

Stealth Roof Top Tent

Next on this list, we have the Eezi-Awn Stealth Hard Shell Roof Top Tent. Stealth is one of the most popular hard shell roof top tent in its price range. With an accommodation capacity of 2 people, Eezi-Awn Stealth is compact in size -- yet very spacious and perfect for couples who love Overlanding.

Stealth is built from durable, rip-stop canvas with double-entry privacy mesh panels. To keep you warm and cozy during cold nights, both the roof and the floor are completely insulated.

Like the Pittman Outdoors Hard Shell Tent, Stealth is also very easy to set up and take down. You can do it all on your own in under 30 seconds. Also, the unique body design of the Stealth creates room to store your bedding, ladder and other essentials when the tent is closed.

Here are some other great features of the Stealth:

  • Over 3 entry points
  • Creates a very nice 270-Degree View when all the windows are opened
  • Includes a National Luna LED Light on Interior Roof
  • Includes a 12V Power Supply Socket
  • Includes a Patented XKLUSIV Ladder
  • Built-In Double-Size Mattress with Quilted Surface

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Pittman Outdoors 3-4 Adults Soft Shell Tent

Pittman Outdoors Soft Shell Roof Top Tent For Subaru Outback

Next, we have another tent by Pittman Outdoors. But this time it is a softshell tent with an accommodation capacity of 3-4 people. It is built with a strong and durable fabric that is waterproof, UV protected, and wind-resistant.

Here are a few other features of this tent:

  • Easy to Setup and Takedown (Takes more time than the hard shell tent but it is still quite easy)
  • Includes a High-Density Non-Deforming Foam Mattress for a Comfortable Night's Sleep
  • Includes 1 Premium Telescopic Ladder
  • Includes 1 Skylight Window
  • Includes Rainfly to keep the water out during the rainfall

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Eezi-Awn Series 3 Roof Top Tent For Subaru Outback

Series 3 Roof Top Tent For Subaru Outback

Last but not the least, we have Eezi-Awn Series 3 Roof Top Tent. Series 3 is a tent that is built to withstand all kinds of weather conditions and to last you a lifetime. For a long time now, Series 3 is the industry benchmark and continues to be the standard by which all other soft shell roof top tents are measured.

Series 3 comes in over 5 different sizes. The smallest size weighs only 110 lbs and can accommodate up to 2 people. Whereas the largest size weighs at 215 lbs and can accommodate anywhere from 4-6 people. There are also a couple of other sizes that can accommodate around 3 people.

Series 3 is built with 420-gram poly-cotton canvas woven with impregnated heavy-duty wax thread and double stitched throughout with wax-coated cotton thread for durability. To keep the tent safe and secure during your journey, Series 3 comes with a 700 Denier PVC rooftop tent cover with welded seams & 5-year UV-rating.

To make sure that you get a good night's sleep, Series 3 includes a premium 2.5" Thick Hi-Density Foam Mattress Covered. The size of the mattress will vary depending on the size of the tent you choose.

One really awesome thing about Series 3 is that it comes with a Universal Mounting Option. This means you can mount this tent on your Subaru Outback without having to invest in a whole new roof rack.

Some other features and specs of Series that are worth-nothing:

  • Includes 4 pockets under windows for storing your essentials
  • Unique Internal Bungee System that makes it very easy to store this tent/li>
  • Includes a Patented Extendable Aluminum Ladder
  • Includes YYK© Zippers
  • Includes 2 Large Window Shades

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Vagabond Lite Roof Top Tent

Vagabond Lite Roof Top Tent For Subaru Outback

Lastly, we have the Vagabond Lite Roof Top Tent by Roam Adventure Co. Roam Adventure is a company that specializes in making Overlanding products and their line of Vagabond tents has gained massive popularity in recent years.

Vagabond Lite is a durable foldout tent with a sleeping capacity of 2 people. It features a rugged polycotton ripstop fabric that is known for its toughness. To keep the water from entering your tent, Vagabond Lite features a robust diamond weaved nylon rainfly.

One cool thing about Vagabond Lite is the gear hammock. It is big enough and perfect for storing all your essentials. In a way, it saves you a ton of space and from cluttering your tent. Also, to make sure your Subaru doesn't get a dent or a scratch, the base of this tent is built with plasticized aluminum.

The UltraPlush 2.0 mattress featured in Vagabond Lite is very comfortable. It is made with a 3" density foam and comes wrapped in a waterproof base so moisture never reaches you with a cotton top for maximum comfort. Also, the anti-condensation mat prevents moisture from building up under the mattress.

Some other great features of the Vagabond Lite:

  • 1" aluminum frame
  • Includes a 7.5' telescopic aluminum
  • Includes 1 720 GSM PVC cover
  • Weighs around 110 lbs
  • Weight capacity of 650 lbs
  • The tent fabric is water and mold resistant

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What to look for when buying a roof top tent for Subaru Outback?

Let's quickly look at a couple of things you need to look at before buying a roof top tent for your outback.


Most Subaru Outback models can hold at least a minimum of 1000 lbs and most rooftop tents weigh around 100 lbs to 250 lbs. Let's say on average you camp wtih 4 people, Add the weight of the tent and the average weight of the 4 people and compare it with your outback's load capacity. It's almost always lower than your car's load capacity but still, it's always good to check.


Roof Top Tents are an investment. They are not cheap. So make sure when you are buying a roof top tent, It is durable and has the capability to withstand rough weather. Always try to avoid buying cheap RTT's -- they are never well built and most of them don't last long.

And that's a wrap, folks! We reviewed over 8 awesome roof top tents for Subaru Outback and briefly talked about a few things you need to look at before buying an RTT. If you have any questions or thoughts, please leave a comment below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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